Random Acts of Awesomeness

My naturopath Kylie Seaton put me on to a good thing a few years ago. It was a little project called Random Acts of Awesomeness. It simply required the execution of Acts of Awesomeness on a regular basis. Now here’s the thing, your Awesome may not be my Awesome but that’s what’s precisely so awesome about it. There are no rules! You can be as inventive or as random or as spontaneous as you like. I went to get lunch the other day and ended up getting a thai massage instead. Awesome. I had friends over and baked a cake which turned out slightly burnt but they loved it anyway. Awesome. My friend Mark and I wandered way too far from the office for lunch than we should’ve solely because the vietnamese and gelato (double combo!) was truly worth it. Awesome. I woke up tired the other day and almost didn’t make it to practice, but allowed myself to be late with an extra half hour’s snooze and made it in to practice anyway. Awesome. Seeing the sunrise. Awesome. Conquering a fear. Awesome. Sharing a vietnamese coffee with a girlfriend even though we both know caffeine doesn’t agree with us but we wanted to try it anyway so we ask the lady if she can pour the one coffee into two cups. Awesome. Mismatching socks. Awesome. Yummy organic cheddar and quince paste for dinner, because I can. Awesome.

I once wrote down all the awesome things I did in a week and when I read back it was like, wow hello, I did all those things! We so often live life week to week Monday through to Friday, and before we know it Monday rolls around again. And what have we done? Gone to work gone home cooked dinner watched TV went to bed… Or maybe our week lives are jammed packed with activities but we’re so busy running from here to there that we don’t even stop to consider what awesome things we do (including all the little things) but instead feel tired and burnt out.

On thinking back, I recall how I used to have moments when I would rack my brains for what awesome thing I could do / had done. At first the Acts of Awesomeness almost had to be large-ish events in themselves, like going to a gig, taking a road trip or taking my first ballet class. It’s pretty interesting to see how easy the Acts of Awesomeness come now – I’m definitely more attuned to how I feel on a moment to moment basis and so these days just about any little thing can be considered an Act of Awesomeness if I want it to be. Which is such a fun perspective to have on life!

Now tell me, why wouldn’t you want to be awesome?! If you’re finding it hard to feel awesome and need a feelgood shaking by the shoulders, I suggest you get in touch with Kylie. She knows her shit in all things naturopathy, homeopathy and lifeopathy AND she’s super cool.

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Balancing Act, Monaco by Damion Berger

Balancing Act, Monaco by Damion Berger


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