It’s Sunday, Why Don’t You: Go To The Farmers’ Market

Sundays are without a doubt my favourite day. Saturdays are usually preoccupied with errands and social engagements, but Sundays are my day. It’s the day where I get to indulge in a beautiful self-practice at the shala (usually accompanied by the magical sounds of Nadav Kahn) with a little sleep-in after a week of super early morning starts. It’s the day where I usually have the rest of the day to do whatever my heart desires, and in keeping with the commitment to living a lifestyle that is awesome, aware, creative and fun, I’ve resolved to make sure that I do at least one thing every Sunday that is exactly that. And what better way to commit than to blog about it, so that in some way I feel like I am being held accountable for what I’ve set out to do…

So today. No shala practice due to a practice yesterday, but after a generous lie in I headed down to my favourite growers’ market in Marrickville to meet my gorgeous friends for a chai in the autumn sun and a post Saturday night debrief, before proceeding with our produce purchases. For my friends Sally and Rommel, this is no novelty event. They live locally and have been buying their produce here on a weekly basis way before the hipsters moved in. Fresh fruit and veg, raw organic honey, local meats, nuts and dried fruits, organic teas, freshly baked loafs – throw in an array of delicious foodie stalls on offer and you wonder why you’d do your grocery shop anywhere else! Clothing and trinkets too if that’s more your thing, but the emphasis is mostly on food and produce here. I was reminded of how I used to savour my Sundays here before teaching yoga and ‘life’ got in the way; words can not express how ridiculously happy I am that I’ve got my Sundays back now!

It’s locally grown, seasonal, fresh and sustainable. Have a conversation with the suppliers and other happy market-goers, eat healthy wholesome foods to your belly’s content and learn more about where your food comes from. Even just being in an environment like this is enough to spark a little awareness in eating less processed food, less junk. I happily picked up my fruit, veg + nuts for the week and a healthy little mint plant that is waiting to be transferred to its new home on my kitchen window sill.

Really, if you haven’t already, why wouldn’t you?!

2012-05-06 14.49.46

2013-05-19 16.54.50

Chai Tent + Mint’s New Home

Image: © 2013 by Charmaine Pang. All rights reserved

Note: this review has been my own experience and is not related to any sponsored advertising.



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