The List


Image: © 2008 by Charmaine Pang. All rights reserved

Sometimes, we all just need a little extra help. What with work, family, friends, kids, relationships, laundry (my current nemesis – I just can’t seem to keep up!), dreams, emotions, desires and just life, really, it’s no wonder we fall into these momentary traps of feeling like we’ve been dragged through the mud as we’re trying to keep all together. For me, this happens when I’ve forgotten that I don’t actually have to keep it all together, and that if I loosen the grip a little (or a lot), then things naturally breathe a little easier.

Funny that, the harder we try, the harder things tend to be…

So on to my list. This is my list of people who I either regularly practice with or who I sheepishly call when I am in need of a little tweaking and grounding. When I’m so far deep in the not-fun-woods, and my attempts at self-regulation are in need of some more, these beautiful and gifted souls weave their magic to bring me right back to that sunny bit of ground where you realise things aren’t really all that bad. I am immensely grateful to all of them and thought it was time I shared the love:

Ashtanga Yoga: Eileen Hall

Vedic Meditation: Gary Gorrow

Energy Healing: Tikki Merrillees

Naturopathy / Homeopathy: Kylie Seaton

Ka Huna Massage: Jane Cavill

Yoga Coaching: Mark Breadner

Flotation Therapy: Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre

Hairdresser (because sometimes all it takes is a great new cut): Suki Hairdressing

We all have our own little toolbox of ways to help get back to flow; who do you call on / what do you do when you need a little extra support? 


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