When is ‘good enough’ good enough?

So this is my second blog post. Ever. The world of internet domains, hosting and websites is virgin territory to me. The morning I decided to take action on creating this website, I was faced with the seemingly simple task of selecting a pre-designed wordpress theme. Seemingly simple, she says. It took 2 entire mornings, a tension headache and stomach anxieties before the desired theme was chosen. There I was, clicking through most themes, sometimes two, three times, being hopelessly indecisive about which lucky theme would be the chosen one. The perfect one. The more I clicked, the more stressed out of my brain I became. I finally heard Mark’s voice in my head saying, “Just make it good enough. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just good enough.” I braced myself and picked a theme. Continue reading


The Evolution of Practice

If there was ever an example of how the practice of yoga is a constant evolution, then it would be a reflection of our own practice and how that has changed over the years. Everybody has a different story, and this one is mine:

I walked into my first yoga class as an energetic first year Architecture student in 2001. I can’t remember the reasons for why I started yoga – curiosity perhaps – but I felt immediately drawn to the practice. There began my long relationship with Ashtanga Yoga; like an intense love affair (or an itch that just won’t go away), I found myself alternating between periods of practice that were either of passionate intensity or more casual and fleeting, but consistently through the years I’d always end up back for more. Continue reading