Finding Beauty

I took this in an unassuming backstreet lined with garages and warehouses close to my work. I was immediately struck by the intense colours and had to take a snap!

I would have missed this moment of gorgeousness had I been walking along with my head in the clouds. Today’s reminder is about being present in every moment as much as possible. Looking, seeing, feeling – so that we may find beauty, love and joy in the little things.

x char



Mondayitis No More: The Art of Happiness

These words from Olivia Bryant aka The Courageous Yogi resonated with me today:

The art of happiness requires making happiness a FIRM PRIORITY. So within the circumstances of your life, what could you do to prioritise your happiness today? For me: relaxing on needing to ‘get everything done’….and perhaps going to a cafe to read. x

Nothing like simply bringing awareness to what we need in the present moment. Thanks for the reminder Olivia!