“Charmaine radiates gentleness and warmth. She encourages her students to personalise their practice and be happy with their accomplishments. Her positive attitude kept me motivated.” – Susan

“Charmaine brings a unique blend of physical flow and mental calmness to your practice. You will enjoy every minute of the class and leave feeling energised with endorphins but also relaxed as if you have just had a deep sleep!” – Kate

“For me yoga is a solitary journey. I like to use the asana to connect to something deper within myself. Charmaine is a teacher that provides a space and energy that assists that process. Even though her technical guidance is very thorough, its not obtrusive and imposing. I highly recommend Charmaine as a yoga instructor.” – Tom

“Charmaine is a lovely and talented yoga teacher and is an honour to have been in her class .” – Nick

“Being the type of person that finds it hard to devote time ‘being good to myself’, I enjoyed that the classes gave me the opportunity to remove myself from the strains of everyday life both physically and mentally. ¬†Charmaine is a highly competent yoga teacher but above all I think it is her enthusiasm for yoga and life in general that makes her classes so inspiring. She has a fantastic energy and delivers her classes in such away that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized. Coming from someone who had little experience of yoga in the past Charmaine has helped to vastly improve my understanding and appreciation for the practice. ” – Fraser


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